The Baltimore Fencibles


An artist’s rendering of the direct hit on the Fencibles’ bastion [Bastion № 3] during the bombardment.

Muster Roll

Commissioned Officers:
Captain Joseph Hopper Nicholson (1770-1817)
1st Lieutenant John Holland Barney (1785-1857)—died in D.C. *
1st Lieutenant Jesse Eichelberger (1780-1830)
2nd Lieutenant Andrew Clopper (1771-1824)
3rd Lieutenant Levi Claggett (1780-1814) † Killed in Action †

Non-commissioned Officers:
1st Sergeant James Crawford Neilson (1776-1822) *
1st Sergeant David Fulton
2nd Sergeant John Clemm (1780-1814) † Killed in Action †
3rd Sergeant Samuel Harris (c1774-1858)
4th Sergeant William Douglass (1791-1821)
1st Corporal John Ready (c1773-1835)
2nd Corporal Joseph A. Wallace (1786-1838)
3rd Corporal Henry Armstrong
4th Corporal Ralph Smith (?-1827)

Enlisted Men:
Private Thomas Alexander
Private Walter Fenley Athey (1782-1821)
Private John W. Beall (?-1821)
Private Horatio Nelson Berry (c1796-1839)
Private Henry William Bond (c1798-1831)—died in Buenos Aires.
Private Andrew Boyd
Private James Edmund Brice (1784-1827)—died in Cap-Haïtien.
Private John Lucas Brune (1780-1829)
Private John Buckler (1795-1866) [see below]
Private John Carpenter Bucklin (1773-1844)—died in Louisville, Ky.
Private Jarrett Bull (1776-1845)
Private John Burke *
Private William Child (c1790-1862)
Private Thomas Claggett
Private Jacob Isræl Cohen junʳ (1789-1869)
Private Mendes Isræl Cohen (1796-1879)
Private Philip Isræl Cohen (1793-1852)
Private James W. Collins (1775-1851)
Private William S. Cooper (1779-1855)—died in Steltz, Pa. [possibly]
Private Thomas C. Conkling—imprisoned at Ceuta, 1818.
Private George Dalrymple
Private Conrad H. Danneman (?-1829)
Private John Diffenderffer (1775-1835)
Private Joshua H. Dorsey (1792-1859) [possibly]
Private George Douglass (1790-1869)—died in New York City.
Private Louis Eichelberger (1791-1836)
Private William Otterbein Eichelberger (1793-1860)
Private Samuel Etting (1796-1862)
Private Walter Farnandis (1782-1856)
Private William Savin Fulton (1795-1844)—died in Little Rock, Ark.
Private Charles Guildener (?-1830)
Private James Granger (1788-1874)—died near Zanesville, Ohio. ‡
Private Philip Graybell (1763-1831)
Private William Haslett (?-1830)—died in York, Pa. *
Private James L. Hawkins (1778-1849)
Private John Hegenbottom/Heginbotham
Private John H. Heidelbach—still living in 1828.
Private Thomas Hennessey/Hurnessy
Private James Hindes
Private Francis Horner (?-1817)
Private Brice Worthington Howard (1795-1834)
Private George Augustus Hughes (1784-1850)
Private William Hughes
Private James Hurdin
Private Thomas Hutchins (c1774-1848)
Private Edward Jones
Private John Keller (?-1837)
Private John F. Kennedy (1769-1836)—died in Jefferson County, Va.
Private George Lawson (1769-1823)
Private Abraham Lerew (1795-?) 
Private John Lerew (1783-?)
Private Jacob Lindenberger (1780-1825)
Private Robert Cary Long senʳ (1770-1833)
Private Moses Maccubbin—still living in 1826.
Private Philip Mauro (1780-1858)—died in Saint Louis, Mo.
Private Charles Frederick Mayer (1795-1864)
Private Terence MᶜGowan *
Private Edward Morgan
Private Isaac Munroe (1787-1859)
Private John G. Neale—still living in 1823.
Private John Norvell (1789-1850)—died in Detroit, Mich. *
Private James Ballard Pollett (1794-1832)—died in Henderson, Ky.
Private John Folsom Poor (1778-1858)
Private Andrew Price (?-1821)—AWOL during the Battle!
Private Philip Reigart (c1785-1857)
Private John Edward Rigden (1773-1844)
Private Francis Rogers
Private Thomas Rogers
Private Benjamin Norris Sands (1778-1854)—died in Louisville, Ky.
Private Henry Schwartze (?-1850)
Private John Short/Shortt
Private Andrew Snyder (1771-1827)
Private Henry Snyder
Private Thomas Spicer (1787-1864)
Private Henry Stickney (1782-1862)—died in Mobile, Ala.
Private Samuel Sylvester
Private Daniel Levin Thomas (1790-1830) *
Private Henry Thomas *
Private Patrick Tiernan
Private John Charles Van Wyck (1792-1857)
Private William Vance (1775-1853)—died in Morristown, Ohio.
Private Thomas Jones Watkins (1773-1860)
Private Cumberland Dugan Williams (1781-1840)—died in Boston.
Private George Williams (1778-1852)
Private Nathaniel Felton Williams (1779-1865)
Private William Woods *
Private John Yates

Non-military Staff:
Servant Charles/Charly [blank]
Servant William [blank]

The names on this muster roll are listed on pages 12 & 13 of Charles C. Saffell’s 1889 work, The Citizen Soldiers at North Point and Fort MᶜHenry, September 12 & 13, 1814.

☞ N.B. Soldiers marked (†Killed in Action†) died during the bombardment on Fort MᶜHenry. Those marked with a dagger (†) were slightly wounded, and those marked with a double dagger (‡) were severely wounded. Those marked with an asterisk (*) only served in 1813, and were not in the Fencibles during the Battle of Baltimore.

☞ N.B. Several websites [even ones directly connected with Fort MᶜHenry] claim that Dr. John Buckler (1795-1866) was in the Baltimore Fencibles, tho’ his name is conspicuously absent from the Company’s official muster roll. This may very well be due to a typographical error that occurred in Charles C. Saffell’s 1889 Citizen Soldiers, where John Carpenter Bucklin’s name was erroneously given as “John C. Buckler.” Perhaps one of Dr. John Buckler’s descendants noticed a “John Buckler” and assumed that it was his ancestor—thus starting a snowball of confusion.