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Maryland Militia 3rd Division, 1814

5th Regiment Cavalry

Captain Jehu Bouldin’s Independent Light Dragoons
Captain James Sterett’s First Baltimore Hussars
Captain James Horton’s Maryland Chasseurs
Captain John Hanna’s Fell’s Point Light Dragoons

1st Regiment Artillery

Captain Joseph Myers’ Franklin Artillery
Captain Samuel Moale’s Columbian Artillery
Captain John Montgomery’s Baltimore Union Artillery
Captain Joseph Hopper Nicholson’s Baltimore Fencibles
Captain Richard Brown Magruder’s American Artillerists
Captain John Berry’s Washington Artillery
Captain Charles Pennington’s Baltimore Independent Artillerists
Captain George J. Brown’s Eagle Artillerists
Captain Abraham Pike’s First Baltimore Independent Artillery
Captain Henry Steiner’s Artillery of Frederick
Captain James Piper’s United Maryland Artillery

1st Rifle Battalion

Captain Edward Aisquith’s Sharp Shooters
Captain Dominic Bader’s Union Yagers
Captain William B. Dyer’s Fell’s Point Riflemen

Corps of Marine Artillery

Captain George Stiles’ Marine Artillery

5th Regiment Infantry

Captain Philip Benjamin Sadtler’s Baltimore Yeagers
Captain John Shrim’s First Baltimore Light Infantry
Captain Benjamin Chew Howard’s Mechanical Volunteers
Captain George Hume Steuart’s Washington Blues
Captain Samuel Sterrett’s Independent Company
Captain David Warfield’s Baltimore United Volunteers
Captain Christian Adreon’s Union Volunteers
Captain Robert Lawson’s Baltimore Patriots
Captain Aaron Righter Levering’s Independent Blues
Captain Michael Hahn Spangler’s York Volunteers [attached]

6th Regiment Infantry

Captain Thomas Sheppard’s Company
Captain Gerrard Wilson’s Company
Captain Peter Galt’s Company
Captain William Brown’s Company
Captain Thomas Leggat Lawrence’s Company
Captain Benjamin Ringgold’s Company
Captain Luke Kienstead’s Company
Captain Samuel McDonald’s Company
Captain Robert Conway’s Company
Captain Nicholas Burke’s Company
Captain John G. Dixon’s Company

27th Regiment Infantry

Captain James McConkey’s Company
Captain John Kennedy’s Company
Captain James Dillon’s Company
Captain Benjamin Edes’ Company
Captain John McKane’s Company
Captain Peter Pinney’s Company
Captain George Steever’s Company
Captain Daniel Schwarzauer’s Company

39th Regiment Infantry

Captain Archibald Dobbin’s Company
Captain Thomas Warner’s Company
Captain Thomas Watson’s Company
Captain John D. Miller’s Company
Captain Andrew E. Warner’s Company
Captain Henry Myers’ Company
Captain Joseph K. Stapleton’s Company
Captain William Roney’s Company
Captain Frederick Metzger’s Hanover Volunteers [attached]
Captain Thomas Quantrill’s Hagerstown Volunteers [attached]

51st Regiment Infantry

Captain Jacob Deems’ Company
Captain William Chalmers’ Company
Captain John H. Rogers’ Company
Captain Michael Haubert’s Company
Captain John Stewart’s Company
Captain James Faster’s Company
Captain Michæl Peters’ Company
Captain Andrew Smith’s Company

Sea Fencibles

Captain William H. Addison’s Sea Fencibles
Captain Monsieur Simmones Bunbury’s Sea Fencibles

U.S. Corps of Artillery

Captain Frederick Evans’ Company